Family Balance Sheet, 2019

We are pleased to announce our involvement for the second year running in The Family Balance Sheet Event, hosted by Stanhope Capital at KPMG, London. The event is designed to update families and their advisers on the performance and outlook for the most popular asset classes held in their overall balance sheets. Similarly to last year, the key characteristics of each asset class will be examined by a specialist from each sector. This year will give particular focus to Responsible Investing.




STEP Guernsey Lecture, February 2019

We were in Guernsey in early 2019 presenting to a packed house of Trustees and those with a fiduciary duty on the need for independent art advice. We looked at: guarantees at auction; private sales; risks and rewards of different sale options, buying and collection management for clients.


JP Morgan Presentation, London, 2019

Charles teamed up with James Carleton of Farrer & Co to talk about the art market and recent developments within it to a gathering of JP Morgan wealth managers from around the world.






Family Balance Sheet, 2018

Stanhope Capital put on an annual presentation on the assets most families, of acertain wealth, will have.  Advisors from different asset classes had ten minutes to give investment/asset advice to families and their advisors:  Cochrane Adams Fine Art Agents spoke on the art market. We were kindly hosted by KPMG at their Mayfair offices with the other presentation in Jersey.  A further series of talks are set for October 2019.




Trustees and the Art Market, Old Government House, Guernsey

After breakfast, Susan Johnson of Bircham Dyson Bell (also ex-Chrisites) went through the legal requirements placed upon Trustees when holding works of art using a case study. Charles explained how they might be satisfied with independent art advice.





Book Launch at Lisson Gallery, June 2018

The Art Collecting Legal Handbook is a must for collectors. We hosted the London launch of the latest version with Bruno Boesch (co author and instigator of the book) and Farrer & Co at the Lisson Gallery who were showing Jorinde Voigt: Both Sides Now and Joyce Pensate: FORGETABOUTIT.