To give or not to give, that is the question

This wonderful work by Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershøi now hangs in a museum in Copenhagen fulfilling a testamentary wish after we found a charitable vehicle to take benefit of the UK charitable relief to Inheritance Tax.  We also offered a sale and donation without Inheritance Tax relief as an alternative.







A Toy Theatre Collection

We offer access to all areas of the art market and can handle very unusual items. In this case a collection of Toy Theatres which is now held by the V&A, Bristol Theatre Collection and Kent University who acquired via an Acceptance in Lieu of Inheritance Tax.






Courtesy of Pallant House Gallery

Julian Trevelyan at Pallant House Gallery

Julian Trevelyan was a major figure in Modern British art but after his death in 1988 he was somewhat eclipsed by his wife, Mary Fedden.  After she died we advised her estate, leading to a white glove sale at Sotheby’s, London thereby funding the redevelopment of Durham Wharf, where the artists lived and worked and a major and long overdue solo show for Julian Trevelyan at Pallant House Gallery.





Two musical archives to the British Library

Hugh Wood and Giles Swayne are well respected British composers.  Wood’s music is lyrical whereas Swayne’s work is hard to pin down, sometimes sacred, sometimes incorporating music from Africa where he lived. Their archives were acquired by the British Library which will act as custodians in perpetuity.









National Trust acquires Historically Important Objects

A wide range of items, presented to a very important British figure, were acquired by the National Trust to be shown in the house and at other locations such as the Imperial War Museum.






Giving and Selling in the US

The tax relief on gifts of art to US museums is much more generous to donors than in the UK under the Cultural Gift Scheme. We recently advised and handled two transfers incorporating sales and donations to important US institutions.