Winter 2020 Newsletter

Since our last newsletter, we have looked at online sales at auction and alternatives to them (the private market is such an obvious boon); also planning matters given the proposed changes to taxation and the heritage regime.

Newsletter Winter 2020



Spring 2020 Newsletter

While in the early grip of Covid 19 we look at recently privatised Sotheby’s, the last major London live sales before lockdown and online collection systems.  Anti Money Laundering arrives with little warning throwing up many difficulties and we look again at the UK heritage regime and at proposals to change UK Inheritance Tax which might spur owners to think of planning for the future.

Newsletter Spring 2020



Spring 2019 Newsletter

We look at how generously applied stardust can do wonders for a seller at auction – buyers beware.  Also, a change of note in the UK heritage regime for Acceptances in Lieu of Inheritance Tax, a trip to HMRC in Nottingham before they move, chattel licences and the latest on the ever rising buyers premium.

Newsletter Spring 2019



Autumn 2018 Newsletter 

In this newsletter we look at ever changing way in which dealers and auction houses try to market art to collectors and the obstacles they can place in the way of collectors.  We also give you a taste of HMRC’s thoughts on planning with chattels as expressed in the 2018 Chattel Fiscal Forum and the minutes.

Newsletter Autumn 2018



March 2018 Newsletter

There are so many stories about the Salvator Mundi. We concentrate on the private sale brokered by Sothebys that significantly undersold the Christies auction two years later and the way in which offering away from connoisseur categories can help results. Its goodbye to Christies South Kensington and hello to ever more buyers premium.

Newsletter March 2018

Autumn 2017 Newsletter


Mark looks at the thorny and complicated issue of guarantees at auction from a sellers perspective and in Part II Charles looks at HMRC’s announcements on chattel licences.


Newsletter Autumn 2017





Spring 2016 Newsletter

Newsletter Spring 2016