Privacy Policy

1. Who we are

We are Charles Cochrane Limited trading through Cochrane Adams Fine Art Agents and we can be contacted using the following details:

Cochrane Adams Fine Art Agents
8 Hill Street

Telephone: 0203 095 5120

Companies House No: 09215749

2. Our legal grounds for handling your personal data

The UK’s data protection laws allow us to use your personal data provided we have a lawful basis to do so. This includes sharing it in certain circumstances, as described below.

We consider we have the following reasons (legal bases) to use your personal data

Performance of contract with you: we need to use your personal data to be able to successfully legally contract with you and on your behalf as your agent

Compliance with our legal obligations: we need to use your personal data so as to comply with certain legislation or other legal requirements

Legitimate interests: We have certain legitimate interests in using your data which are not outweighed by your interests, fundamental rights or freedoms. These legitimate interests serve your interests.

Your consent: we may also use your data when you consent to it. You can withdraw this consent at any time, in which case we will cease to use it, unless we have a right and a need to continue processing it for one of the other reasons set out above.

More information on how we use your personal data and for what purposes is set out below.

3. What personal data is collected about you and how we collect it

In the overwhelming majority of instances, we collect information about you directly from you. We may also collect data about you from the following sources: your professional representatives and other advisers, HMRC and other governmental bodies, your family and estate office, other agents such as attorneys and others necessary to the performance of our services.

Data provided by you:

These might include: basic contact details, financial, trust and asset information, referral letters and advice from advisors, sensitive information, medical information, personal information and reasons for our services

Data provided by third parties:

Data from persons that introduce you to us: for example lawyers, accountants, financial advisers, land agents, estate managers or other third parties;

Publicly available information: for example, from companies house, other information available online or in the media,
Data from your employers and medical data where relevant;

4. Why personal data is collected by us

We collect personal data from you for many reasons including to:

Provide our services to you
Make or receive payments on your behalf
Acquire and dispose of assets on your behalf
Make insurance claims on your behalf
Negotiate with counterparties on your behalf
Contact you with respect to services we provide
Send you marketing information that is part of a legitimate business interest
Represent you with HMRC or other government offices
Comply with a legal requirement

5. With whom personal data is shared

We may share your data with:

Our, your or other insurers
Your professional advisors
Financial Institutions
Family and Estate offices
Third Parties relating to a transaction or in obtaining advice or information
Those required by law

If you would like further information please contact us on the details given for us in this notice.

6. Where might date about you be sent

We may have to send data outside of this country or the territory where it was collected and to a country or territory with different data protection standards.

7. How do we protect data about you

We implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect data that we hold from unauthorised disclosure, use, alteration or destruction. Where appropriate, we use encryption and other technologies that can assist in securing your data.

8. What choices and rights you have

Your personal data is protected by legal rights, which include your right to:

Object to our controlling and processing your personal data;
Object to our sharing of your personal data with others or with certain organisations;
Request that your personal data is erased or corrected or that its processing be restricted;
Request access to your personal data and for it to be given to you in a portable format;
Request that we transfer your personal data;
Request that we confirm what personal data we currently control and/or process in relation to you;
Opt out from our using it for direct marketing

For more information or to exercise your data protection rights please, please contact us using the contact details for us given above.

9. How long personal data is kept

We store data in accordance with legal, regulatory, financial requirements and on the basis of maintaining a discrete and confidential service to you. Once our contact with you ends we will securely delete and/or destroy your data.

10. Direct marketing

We can only use your personal information to send you marketing information if we have your consent or a legitimate interest. A legitimate interest will be a commercial reason, which cannot be used unfairly against you.

Last updated April 2022